Monday, June 30, 2008

Well, I have reached the exit

This weekend, I began my new role. Clearly, Owen has been waiting for this for some time. We went to the zoo and we rode the pony. He told Steve a few weeks ago that he wanted to ride the pony with mommy and sure enough, we did. I am amazed at how big he is and how grown he seems. It is misleading. It is difficult to remember that this child who is more than 3 feet tall and speaks in full and clear sentences is only ONE!

I found myself earlier in the month giving him a hard time when he throws the rare tantrum. But, now that I am completely unencumbered with anything resembling a distraction, it is far easier to remember he is only one and indeed will have tantrums. I like being present for my son and husband. It is a nice change and I am pretty sure the transition is going to be easy for the time being. There is no pressure. There is only Owen and teaching him.

This morning as my first weekday not going to work in 7 years, I was informed by the one-year-old that I am a "good mommy". Sweet, I am getting favorable reviews on my first day...nice!

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