Thursday, June 19, 2008


I love excitement. I love communication. I check email about 1,000 times a day and I have several accounts. I love Facebook and LinkedIn. I love people's blogs. I like knowing what is going on and what is in the news. I like being current. I like news. All kinds of news, office news, national news, personal news, you name it. Oh, I should probably mention, I was a journalism major.

I love change and excitement and new-ness. I have moved more than 1,000 miles five times. And because of all these things, I am concerned for my new job. I know there will be new things that Owen will do every day and things he will learn. I am hopeful that I will get the same charge out of them. I probably wont I will probably get a different change.

I have noticed since my notice, that I receive fewer emails both at work and personally. I have fewer IMs. I think I am being weaned from the Internet. I don't like it.


mw said...

Welcome to the email black hole. After burnout-not-bunout-off-ramping I receive maybe 20 emails a day. I long for the days when I received over 500. But when I received 500 I longed for the days when I received less. Vicious circle. Fewer emails does not mean you have less value. It just means fewer emails.

Tracey Parsons said...

Thank you for that reminder to not look at everything as something else. Fewer emails is indeed, fewer ya!