Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reasons I am thrilled to be on the off ramp

There are so very many things in corporate america that are stupid. Here is a short little list of the things that make me completely insane that I will be happy not to see for a few years. Also, there is hope in my heart, when I come back these items will be taken care of, so for those of you not off-ramping, help a sister out, keep pushing to agenda and making change...

Old Boys Clubs
You know when we are looking into a company and you go to the About us section of their website. You click on the management team and there is either
a.) no women, or
b.) one woman either in HR or
c.) one woman who is the assistant to all the men.
I think these companies should be embarrassed to have NO WOMEN working in the highest corridors of their company. NONE. This is beyond sexism. There are millions of women qualified to be CIOs, COOs, CMOs, CEOs for that matter. And many of these companies are marketing to us. How in the world will the know what we want? Clearly, they ask the office manager.

VP of my butt
The made-up, dumb-ass, self-aggrandising job title. The 90s called and they want heir job titles back. Chief Yahoo!, Flash Ninja, Storyteller, Evangelist, I could go one, but I just threw up in my mouth. End this ridiculous practice and tell me what your GD job actual is!

Do you really want to know?
I telecommuted for two years. I grew accustomed to getting my work done as efficiently as possible with no interruptions. Out of sight was out of mind. Few people called me unless we had a scheduled call and no one would walk up to my desk (except my cat) while I was listening to music hammering out a proposal. I was busy, obviously. So, needless to say, I hate forced small talk. People, if you genuinely care about my weekend or what I am doing tonight, fine, but, I ain't buying it. Plus, most of my stories now revolve around my kid and I know from not having a kid, those stories are BORING AS ALL GET OUT! So, let's just come to work, do our jobs, form some relationships and leave the forced small talk behind us.

This is my vision for the workforce in 2012. But then again, I just read that is the year of the apocalypse, so, either way...

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The Robbins Nest said...

I figured this would be the place to respond to your posting from the family blog. You got me thinking on the way into work. You will always be a mom. The day you found out you were pregnant, you became a mom. This is another side of the brilliant person you are. What makes YOU who YOU are is that your brilliant mind is always thinking. Inside and outside the box. You wouldn't be who you are if you did not give back to an industry that you will always be passionate about. Because of who you are, you will provide so much to owen in how he looks at the world, looks at you and how he will look at himself as grows older. You were borm to be multifacted and a multitasker. This next step is giving you the opportunity to be home with Owen, while dabbling in other things that may or may not have the opportunity to do because you were "on ramp"
Hopefully this makes sense.....
anyway, what it boils down to, is OF COURSE YOU ARE PROVIDING CONSULTATION :) I think it is great!!