Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wheels in motion

So yesterday, I set up a meeting for Monday with my boss. I will be resigning in that meeting. I have told one person here at work about my exit. She is happy for me, but is convinced there will be sincere activity to keep me. Anything beyond 1 hour a week will be declined. I also got a call yesterday from an former manager who has an immediate opening. I guess no one is taking me seriously.

It will be very hard exiting the workforce, but I am so excited about this move. I know that my career has defined me for so many years in so many people's eyes. But, truthfully, what has defined me in my eyes in my marriage. It is my proudest achievement. Not the titles, or the P&Ls or the teams, projects or accounts, but the relationship that I forged with my husband over the last 18 years.

All that being said, I am curious to see how long I will stay home before I get the urge to take on a contract. One moment, I think it will be more than a few years, then I think I will be panicking at the 6 month mark. This is going to be a true experiment. I better get some beakers.

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Gaby Garza said...

I quit this week. After 8 years of really hard work going up in the corporate world. I want to take care of my 15-month old twins - and my husband- but most of all, of myself. Hope we can keep in touch. I have NO idea how this will play out. I already went to some interviews jajajaja...I guess I have to take myself more seriously :-)