Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Whose pants are these?!

I was never a thin, lithe women, but I actually do have clothing in my closest from college in size 6, maybe even a size 4. But, again that was 20 years ago, right around the time I snared my hot husband. Since then, I have been very large (now and in Dallas) and fit (Chicago and some in Hood River). Then I had O. He is lovely, but when I went into the hospital to deliver him, some nasty bitch sneaked into my house and either hid or altered all of my old pre-O pants. I couldn't fit into anything.

Then, the post partem depression sunk in and seriously, whose pants are these??? I see them in the laundry and they are HUGE. Seriously, huger than ever before. OK, so, I took a few three years off running, and I drank gallons of wine and maybe had too much to eat like every day for every meal, but, honestly, this is just mean! I am the chubby mom now! And I cannot allow it. I will drop this baggage and I will do so smartly and as quickly as possible.

Three weeks ago, I started running three times a week. And since it was been more than 3 years since my last marathon, I finally gave up on any notion that I was at all fit and admitted that I am starting over. And that means that if I run 1.5 miles, that is a stinking miracle. Just like the last time I got myself into awesome shape. I know what to do and now that I have nothing but time, I can achieve this. I am hoping to make a discernible difference in my shape by Thanksgiving. I think I can drop 20-30 pounds by then...Anyone wanna take me up on a challenge here???

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