Sunday, July 6, 2008

Now, people...

After being at home for a week, I have seen some things that are hilarious, adorable and downright alarming. I think I will start with alarming. I have witnessed some horrifying interesting parenting techniques this week. Some of them left me wondering why people go to all the are some samples.

Crying child not wanting to go down water slide. Dad tricks him into sitting down, then shoves him. Child arrives at bottom of slide terrified and very distrustful of his father.

Crying child standing in front of mother who doesn't bother to look at the child, let alone comfort her, but also doesn't break for one second her conversation with her other mom friend (who has no idea where her kid might be!) I would like to note that the crying child not being comforted earlier kicked and pushed Owen in an effort to hurry him down the slide until I scolded her to stop. Her mother was 150 yards away talking to her friend.

Moms chatting away, dads playing catch in the pool, baby, crying and nearly falling into one notices.

I could go on and on, but maybe I am the weird one. We unwittingly did attachment parenting. And because we were late to parenting in our marriage and have very few incredibly close friends (stupid moving all the time), we just want to play with him. We don't leave his side at the pool or the playground or anywhere really.

I am not saying we are the best parents, I am just saying we like our kid and want to play with him above most others. I am noticing that this is backfiring a bit because at a party this weekend, he really wanted to hang around the adults and not so much with the kids his age. Scary for many reasons, but, he is also only 2, almost.

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Matina said...

You guys are amazing parents and I love reading all of your stories and thoughts here! We are continually amazed by the same types of things here - most recently, the Mom ignoring her child far away in a playroom, commenting on how this was her 'only day off' to spend with him. You guys rock!