Monday, July 28, 2008

Soooo, that's how we treat moms

Went to lunch to meet a friend today. She blew it off, but what was worse, was watching all of the working crowd get priority service over me and O. I waited longer to order and waited so long to pay that the host felt sorry for me and ran my card for the server who could give a crap about me or my boy. (who by the way is the best lunch date ever!!) Four tables around me were in and out by the time I got my card run. I was so angry, I would have stiffed the server with a note on the receipt that read: "If you would have cared about my service as much as you cared about your other customers, maybe I would have tipped you like they did."

But alas, I did not because I knew full well that the rest of the crew taking care of us probably shared in that tip and they didn't deserve it for her lack of interest in a customer with a child. I was very disappointed and pretty offended that I didn't matter.

I will not be returning to Rise n Dine in the Arena District, and I would encourage all other moms to do the same, you don't matter to them, at least I didn't, and from what Steve tells me about his time as a primary care-taker, they didn't care about him either. I guess the working lunch crowd is in a greater hurry than a mom with a two year old before nap time - if you know anything about this, there is nothing more urgent than a sleepy toddler. Tsk, tsk, Rise n Dine, and for any other establishment who feels moms are second class.

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Danielle said...

Everyone has a perspective, maybe the working crowd people you saw were also regulars and that accounted for them getting better service?

It doesn't matter which crowd you are a part of, everyone thinks they have a reason to get better service and are pissed when they don't get it.