Sunday, January 4, 2009

Open Letter

Dear Walt Disney Company,

I have purchased two princess products in a row whose heads had come off through gentle play after less than a week. The first one came off in less than an hour. I grew up on Disney, have my son's room decorated with limited edition cels and even got engagede at the park. I am beyond disappointed in how shoddy your product is made. I would exchange my product if I had any confidence AT ALL that the head would remain secure.

Despite my child's affinity for your products, I am sorry to report, I will not be buying any more of your action figures with seams, because unfortunately, they suck. You excel at marketing, but you are woefully inept at producing a product that lives up to the promise. Thanks for making me explain to a disappointed 2-year-old what Super Glue does and why it is needed for people who choose to scrimp on production quality to bolster profits.


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