Sunday, December 28, 2008

And so, it was really nice

Christmas has come and gone. It was by far the best one yet. We had everyone at the house, which was really hard on O. Crowds kinda make him nuts. Plus, all those people are always all up in his grill constantly. They all ask him 1,000,000 questions every 45 seconds. Makes me nuts and I am grown. So, he rejects them, which is kinda funny, and kinda sad, but we tell them all the time to back off and let him come to you, the ones who listen get the best of him, the ones who don't...cold shoulder. Whatevs.

He LOVED all his prizes, when we first got all the g-parents gifts under the tree, it looked like someone shit Christmas. My dad looked at it and said, that is quite a display and I said, so, I guess we will teach him about Baby Jesus next year.

Some other wins: Saw a decent picture of myself (first time in two-years), my clothes fit again, my parents make me VERY happy, my husband is the coolest cat ever and I am going into 2009 with much hope, optimism and drive. Should be a kick ass year!

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