Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Young and Relentless - ep 1

I have been reading lots of books lately about parenting. Toddlers are tough characters, so tender one minute so outlandish the next. The most interesting thing I learned of late is that they treat their mothers differently than their fathers. In some cases, they save up all their mis-behaving for their dear old mommies. I am here to tell you this is T-R-U-E!

O vascilates between snuggly sweetie to arguing, button-pushing tyrant within minutes. The most charming characteristic of late is to never let me have one minute without doing something for him. Making play-doh guys, building block castles, you name it and he wants them all at once. Most of the time, I LOVE IT. I know he will never be this reliant on me for approval again and to cherish it. Plus, this is what I signed up for.

There will come a day when he won't let me pick him up, or make a castle for him. And then, there is the 2% of the time when I need to get to something that I just want to throw a sock at him. But, the best part of me realizes that this is a GREAT personality trait, I have it, too. It is a relentless tenacity to get whatever I want. I am grateful for this trait in him, and in me.

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