Sunday, January 25, 2009

Where I've been

Late last year, I contacted some former clients to see if they would be interested in my consulting services, part time. I had a taker and it is working out really well. I like being able to contribute to our family as well as to the industry I so dearly love. My main focus is remains Owen, but, I have a great opportunity to stay engaged for the day when he attends school, and even then, I can work more hours and still be around to pick him up from school. Needless to say, this has impacted my blogging. I can and will do better, please stay tuned.


Danielle said...

Kudos on finding part time work! Are you able to do it in hours when your husband is with Owen or during times when he is at preschool?

I will have a child later this year and hope to maintain some contact with work life even if I am not full time employed.

Tracey Parsons said...

I work during naps. O doesn't go to pre-school, yet, maybe when he's four. I recommend having something to keep your toes in the game, i t feels good to be engaged with a project or client, even if it is a only during naps.