Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I began running in earnest in 2001. I wanted to train for a marathon. I did that marathon and two more after it. My last one was in 2005. I got pregnant six months after that race. I ran through most of my pregnancy, most meaning through the 8th month. I walked during the remainder. Once O was born, I stopped running. See, I was working all the time and when I wasn't working, I wanted to be with my family. Taking time for myself seemed selfish. So, I got woefully out of shape. In fact, after O's second birthday, I had an annual exam where I found out that I weighed nearly as much as I did when I was 8-months pregnant - ACK - so, I committed to be my smaller self by O's next birthday. So, I am back running. I built up to 16 miles a week and am really proud. The best is on those mornings when I do go run, I am a better mom. I now wish there were a way to run every day. Today, I didn't run and was a bit of a bear...But, not as bad as I have been, just not as good as I can be.

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