Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday check in

So, aside from the desperately ill child, things are churning along nicely toward Christmas. Here's how I am doing...

Bake cookies - check
Buy the tree - check
Watch It's a Wonderful Life (same night as the tree) - check
Take clothes and toys to homeless shelter and women's shelter - oopsy, must happen this week
Write letter to Santa w/ Owen - check
Picture w/Santa - check
Storytime w/ Santa - not gonna happen
Shop for Steve and Owen - check and check
Host 8 again for Christmas dinner - stay tuned

Breakdowns - none...YET. I was close today and not over the holidays. O and I are back to the tussling, how exhausting. When we are together, he is on some serious emotional roller-coaster, when I am not with him and Steve is, all he wants is me and when we are reunited, he just hugs and kisses me for about 15 minutes and then we start tussling again. Neat, huh? Seems cyclical, need to start studying the cycle.

The cycle ended after three days, we are on day two of regular O...double YAY!

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