Saturday, November 29, 2008

Channeling Martha effing Stewart

Thanksgiving was flawless. Dinner for 8. Ran a five-miler in the morning with Steve, went home, showered, drank my fair share (one bottle of champagne for me, one for Steve and the guests) of mimosas and we cooked a glorious feast. The house was clean, the table fabulous and the guests well behaved. If I didn't know myself would be certain that this was total bullshit, but it wasn't. It was very nice. Oh, and the boy tried everything we had. He liked the stuffing, the corn and the yams best...actually, he liked the pie best and I quote: Owen about an hour after pie while reading him a story - "that was really, really good, good, goodie-good...PIE!"

On to Christmas! My ambitious plan is the accomplish the following in the next three weeks:

Bake cookies
Buy the tree
Watch It's a Wonderful Life (same night as the tree)
Take family to see the Nutcracker (this kids loves him some ballerinas!)
Take clothes and toys to homeless shelter and women's shelter
Write letter to Santa w/ Owen
Picture w/Santa
Storytime w/ Santa
Shop for Steve and Owen
Host 8 again for Christmas dinner

Wow, so, I would say look for an emotional meltdown on 12/9, 12/15 and 12/22 - hehehe.

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