Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Steve and I have lived in a number of places in our adult life. We like to travel and we like to experience things. Now that we are a telecommuting family, we can work, quite literally from anywhere. This week, we are in Oregon. We lived here for two years about 3 years ago. We got our dog when we lived here and learned we were having O living here.

I think the thing that is making this an actual post is that we traveled for 13 hours today. We had two flights that totaled about 5 hours. A two and a half hour layover, a 1 hour drive and lots of breaks. This kid was a STAR. People were stopping him on the plane to high five him and we just couldn't believe how great he was. We had to roust him from bed at 5:30 a.m. a good 2 hours before his normal wake up. During the trip, he managed a total of an hour and fifteen minutes of sleep, but it didn't matter, he was all about the things that were all around him. He talked about the waterfalls we saw and the mountains around him. It was a very proud day indeed.

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