Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doing well, what with the guilt and all

It seems whenever I am seriously busy around the house with so much to do, I am not the best mom in the world, in fact, I feel I pretty much suck at it. We have guests this weekend, Trick or Treating and a party on Saturday. Not to mention the new furnace and the duct cleaning that transpired.

This required a lot of running around and work during naps. So much work, in fact, the nap time wouldn't allow me to accomplish all I needed to do. All the while, my sweet little kid only wanted me to pay attention to him and read him a book or paint. I kept saying no, not quite yet. I will, just not now. I did get around to it, but it still made me wonder if I was hurting his self esteem by not showing him he is a priority.

This happens every time we have a busy week, which is not every week, but still. I went to bed last night thinking and wanting to live by the new mantra, actions speak louder than words. Did it do it this I am ashamed that I am not able to step away from tasks or let things fall off the list so that I can be the mom I want to be. I am honestly seeking any advice you, dear Internet may have. Please let me know how I can improve and how to let things go.


Matina said...

As silly as it sounds, when this really came in to play for me with 3 and no way to get anything cleaned or done, Terry read somewhere 'When the kids are grown, are they really going to remember how clean your kitchen floor was or that you paid your bills early every month? Or will they remember the books read and playdough rolled...'

Tracey Parsons said...

GOOD ONE! Thanks Matina.

Matina said...

Oh and another thing I keep hearing, especially from Mom's with slightly older kids from our preschool, is that just stopping what you are doing and spending literally 5 minutes on a puzzle or game or whatever can buy you another 30-60 minutes to do whatever you stopped in the first place! It actually has been working for me lately.

Danielle said...

As a non-parent I am not sure if this makes sense for your childs age, but why is "work" time not a part of your other weeks/days too? If it was a part of every day that Owen knew that "mommy is busy" maybe it would be easier both on him and on your guilt?

Dropping whatever you are doing whenever they say "mommie" seems like it is much worse for their self-reliance than it is good for their self esteem.

Or at the least these lines of reasoning can help you let things go?