Saturday, September 20, 2008

Had the week off

I visited my in laws this week. It was just so completely odd and yet decadent to let someone else wake up with him everyday while Steve and I went running together. It was strange not having to feed him his meals, and him not wanting me to. It was strange to see others care for him while I was there. It was even more strange to be content in the fact that I get to do that each and every day and have no guilt about letting others read the bedtime story, or change the diaper, or quell the tantrum. It was a nice break and I have an even greater appreciation for this job.

When I put him to bed last night in his own bed, it was blissful to put on his jammies, read his story and talk all about the movies he got to watch in the car on the way home. Because he gets so little television, he SO appreciates a movie. He recounted the stories to me and told me the parts he thought was funny. It was precious.

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