Monday, February 23, 2009

And then they are just a little more grown

Six months ago, we attended a birthday party of a neighborhood girl. She is much older and the party had older kids AND it was at a gymnastics facility. O gets reserved in crowded situations and is not one to follow the leader, which he gets from me AND his dad. This combination did not lend itself to an enjoyable time following LOTS of older children as they try new things.

But, this past weekend, less than six months later, we went to the same facility with his peers and did the same activities and he rocked them. He was willing to try everything. He showed a fearlessness I had never before seen in him. It was such a joyful experience. I am grateful to that family for this party and my boy for his willingness to try and my husband for allowing me to have this time off and myself for having the patience not to nag him either way.

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