Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is why I have been absent

Hi Internets,

I have been gone from the blog world for a bit because I have been either too busy, or had nothing of merit to say. So, here is what you missed...

I can again carry small and fabulous handbags because there are NO MORE DIAPERS!
We mailed O's binkies to the babies
The pool opened and my kid now knows how to swim
We went to Disney World furthering his love of Princesses (HA)
And finally, planning a third birthday party

Oh, and I started a small business with the love of my life, so we are both working part time, you know, same old same old.

So I guess the next milestones are chronic ignoring, expert eye-rolling and driving.

Now, that I am actually writing, I have SO MUCH TO SAY, so, I guess stay tuned, or get bored with my lack of consistency. Either way!

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Danielle said...

What kind of business did you start?